There is no denying the fact that search engines are the governing force in directing traffic to your website. Due to this particular reason, it is of utmost importance for marketing teams to utilize all available strategies to attain optimal ranking. Amongst many other SEO strategies, article marketing is by far the best because of the assurance of positive results.

What can be marketed through articles?

If this question beleaguers you time and again, then here is the simple answer for you – “anything”. Yes, you can literally market anything through articles but you have to stick to some hard and fast rules. One of the most important article writing rule is also covered in this article but first it is essential to inform specifically about what can be promoted through articles. It surely doesn’t need to be a static website all the time but you can promote anything else like;
•    A blog
•    An affiliate product
•    HubPage
•    Newsletters or Ezine
•    Hub of websites
•    RSS Feed
•    Podcast
•    Hosted video
•    Wikis
•    Forums
•    Online communities
•    Social websites
•    And so on.

Now, you can see that the role of article marketing is quite extensive. Since you can promote so many things by article marketing, so, you can always use this option for better ranking. What it means is that the benefits of article marketing are multifold. 

Using article marketing in the right way:

Though article marketing is an effective strategy to uplift your ranking but there are some dos and don’ts associated with this concept. The most important point is mentioned here for your understanding.

The article marketing and the quality of content:

Though search engine ranking is about optimizing your pages along with having more and more backlinks, but, content has become much more important in recent years. “Quality of content is essential”; sounds like a cliché, isn’t it? It surely is an old tip but story can not get completed without mentioning this fact.

Here, it is needless to say that you need to have good meta tags along with having good search engine and human readable URLs, keywords, phrases, and siloed folder structures to create a search engine friendly site. But, the only thing that keeps people coming back to your site is quality of content. You can always have a blog on your site to publish your quality content so that people may come time and again to spend some time on your site.
Also, keep in mind that though there is no penalty for duplicate content but Goggle will rank article only for once even if it is published on more than one place. So, you need to sort out in advance if you want the same article to be propagated that you have on your website or want unique content. The best thing would be to go with the unique content.

So, maintain quality of content to see the effectiveness of this strategy. But, it will become a bit difficult for you to produce unique and quality content in the absence of a professional SEO company. If you believe you will have some problem in this regard, then don’t take chances and try to have a professional company offering affordable article marketing services .

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