Most online marketers are very much aware about the worth of article writing and their distribution to build the credibility and brand awareness of a website. Another essential thing that cannot be denied for online articles is the impact that they have on link popularity, thereby increasing the search engine rankings of a website considerably. However, duplicate content issues are one problem that is often a hindrance for webmasters in marketing effectively through articles.   

In-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of search engines helps to sort out these issues in an instant by an efficient SEO Company. They know what the article directories wants and most importantly, what Google wants and plan their strategies accordingly.

Penalty on duplicate content misunderstood

Tracking of duplicate content isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t cause a penalty as it most people understand it. After all, it is a part of article marketing to copy and publish free and relevant articles from free online directories. So, as long as the credit is given to the source website in the resource box, wherever the article is being published, it isn’t much of a problem.

Though many people may argue that the search engine ranking of their website have suffered due to duplicate content, it is actually due to the search engine filters. As the Google aims to provide the most relevant content to the Internet users, it would definitely not go to its credit if it provides the same article in all the top ranking links. Hence, many of the websites who have published the same article are filtered and not included in top rankings except one or two of them. 

As far as webmasters are concerned, they should not worry if even one of the websites that have published their articles ranks on the most coveted top search engine positions. This is because the Internet users through this website will be redirected to their website in any way. 

Smart article marketing strategy to sort out duplicate content problems

However, it would be great if the main website itself ranks in the top rankings with the search engine. But how is it always possible if the same articles are uploaded by other websites as well? Another associated duplicate content issue arises when the webmaster publishes articles on their website and also submits it to other article directories and online resources for the promotion of their website. Many times, articles are also rejected on these grounds by article directories. 

The solution to both these problems is the smart article marketing service that is made available by a professional SEO Company. They avoid such duplicate content problems, as they upload the articles first on your main site and after a few months, when your site gets benefited and placed in higher rankings with the search engine, these articles are then submit by experts to other online sources. This will lead the Google to recognize your website as the originator of the article.

As a result, your website will always be given a preference for better rankings as opposed to other websites that have published the same article. Also, many times, they consider causing variations in one or two paragraphs and titles of the articles. While the original articles are published on your main site, variation of these articles can be submitted to article directories. 

Hence, an expert search engine Company that offers affordable SEO services always keep in mind the mentioned duplicate content issues to implement a successful article marketing strategy for website promotion. Therefore, they are the best solution to all your article marketing needs and duplicate content problems.