Working from home (WFH) or telecommute has been a growing trend since the advent of the Internet. But what most people do is they jump right in with the self-motivation and high hopes of making money at home before thinking about the fact that there are disadvantages that go with working from home.

This is where research and business planning comes in as career consultants would strongly advice. No matter how a future business owner may think of benefits about his or her chosen business, the disadvantages of working from home should be considered and weighed upon as a part of the initial planning.

Disadvantages of Working at Home


Working at home can be lonely and frustrating. There are ways to make sure that the work from home can remain comfortable spending time alone. When depression starts to seep in, withdrawal and sadness follow. It is best to take the right steps to combat the loneliness before the issue worsens. Do something different to re-energize. Step back to re-think. Call a friend. Create a temporary diversion for something positive.

Presence of Children at Home

It’s not as easy as it may seem to work at home with children around. If they are too young to be in school, it is usually difficult to get any work done when they are awake. Work can only be done when they are asleep during naptime or later at night. It is helpful to have a spare room with a door that can be closed to signal work time. Repercussions should be discussed with the family especially with the partner. It is important to have a balanced schedule to get work done.

Cost Factor

Working from home may have more flexibility and freedom, no rush to catch the bus or train to work, but it also means self-employment. Things that a 9-5 employee doesn’t need to worry about are now must-do. Other responsibilities aside from insurance and business plan are: taxes, accounting and records of income and expenses, among other related tasks.

Present Job

Other jobs aren’t easily transferable for work from home, for instance, for one working in a medical field. It is also important not to resign and to hang on to the present job. This may need a serious thought and assessment as it may need a complete change of career.

There may be other disadvantages but these are major ones. Once they have been considered along with other related ones, a realization might eventuate that the work from home may not be the best, or it may be.

Many people deal with these disadvantages of working at home but still seem to find success in their careers. If working from home is really meant to be, the prospective WFH person should not give up from these possible drawbacks. Instead, he or she should do more research and analysis to ensure that both the disadvantages and benefits are weight accordingly.