The Cash Multiplier System is advertised as a great way to make a guaranteed income from home. It works using a simple betting cycle on a roulette table and the author claims to have made millions. There’s only one problem with the system. It doesn’t work – it’s just another get rich quick scam.

Cash Multiplier System ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’

The Cash Multiplier System employs a simple betting technique based on roulette. Basically, a prospective gambler places a bet on the same colour every round in ever increasing amounts until they win. The theory is that the amounts increase at a rate that when the gambler eventually wins it will cover all previous bets and thus leave them in profit and allowing them to start again at the bottom of the betting cycle.

So the first round $1 is placed on black. If that loses, $2 is placed on black. If that loses, $4 is placed on black. The increase each time is double the previous bet and when a player wins they win an amount equivalent to all of the previous bets plus 1, e.g. if a player bets $1, $2, $4, $8 and $16 dollars before winning, the return of $32 is a $1 profit on the total of their previous bets.

Betting Cycles

The system works on the premise that a gambler will inevitably win. But this simply isn’t true – it is statistically unlikely that an individual will lose 10 times in a row, for example, but not impossible. In fact, the odds of it happening are around 0.12%, or about 1 in 784.

If a gambler wins a betting cycle they win $1. If they lose ten in a row and double the bet each time they lose a total $1023. In 784 cycles this amounts to an average loss of $241. That’s far from being a guaranteed fortune.

Casino Scam

Of course, the gambler could continue with the betting cycle until they do win a round. But every player has finite resources and eventually they will hit a cycle that breaks their bankroll. Furthermore, the bigger the bankroll of the player the greater the average loss per betting cycle – by getting a player to gamble ever greater amounts the casino is actually able to take a larger overall profit.

All of which demonstrates who the real winners of the Cash Multiplier System are; the casinos themselves. In fact, there are a proliferation of such schemes advertised on the internet. Other examples include the Pro’s Gambling Scheme and Cash Generation Pro, which are variations on the same theme. All are systems to be avoided as all of them are sure-fire ways of gifting more money back to the casino.

The Cash Multiplier System, Cash Generation Pro and the Pros Gambling Scheme are all examples of casino scams which attempt to entice players looking to make a fast buck into throwing away their money in online casinos. Statistical modelling shows that they simply do not work; in an online casino, as with every casino, the house always has the edge.