Step 1) Develop a Clear VISION for your small business. Nothing will help you become who you want to be a year from now than a vision of where you want to be a year from now. What particular niche will your small business dominate? How much money will you make to necessitate those dreams?

How To Believe in Your Small Business Vision (When Others Don't)
How To Believe in Your Small Business Vision (When Others Don’t)


          Step 2) Have a detailed PLAN on how you want to make your vision become a reality. What will you have to do on daily basis to bring in the kind of revenue to necessitate the desired outcome? Be prepared to work very hard your first year in business–70 to 90 hours a week–to make your dream become a reality.

           Step 3) Be ACCOUNTABLE TO YOUR PLAN. You can write the greatest vision and plan in the world, but if you don’t follow it–and aren’t accountable to it–then it doesn’t matter. Success occurs when dreams meet pragmatism.

           Step 4) Be THICKHEADED and STUBBORN. The world is full of people who will try to discourage from being all you can be. Screw ’em! They are so busy squabbling for the scraps at the table that they’ve given up on their right to the feast. You’re a playmaker…they’re not. They’re employees (and always will be )–you’re an employer (and always will be).