Quite often we have been influenced by book reviews and this helps us to decide whether or not to purchase a particular book. If the review is rapturous about the book, then we waste no time in rushing to the nearest book store or purchasing it through the Internet or even reading the online version of it. When we read the review we can never grasp the difficulties in writing it. It is only when we are faced with the prospect of writing a review ourselves do we understand the complexities of the problem. The review that you write is ultimately going to impress both the author and the readers. Hence it should be done critically and truthfully by expressing your true thoughts after reading the book. There are many things which you have to be aware of when you write a book review. Let us find out how to write a book review in an easy way.

  1. The first step involves reading the book thoroughly. You have to understand what the writer wants to convey and also the context in which it has been written. You are about to write a critical analysis, hence you must be clear in your comprehension of the book.
  2. The beginning of the review deals with the outward details of the book like the author’s name, title of the book and what type of book it is. It can be just a humorous depiction of life or based on history or academics. It could also be a sociological analysis. The background of the writer can be included especially in situations like a soldier writing about his exploits in the army. This helps to relate to the story in a better way.
  3. Then you can write a brief description of the book. If it is a mystery novel, then don’t give away the name of the perpetrator of the crime in the first instance itself. Build the suspense and let the reader feel excited about reading the book for himself. For other types of literature, you can provide excerpts from the book.
  4. When you critically analyze the book, make sure that you focus on the interesting aspects of the book. If you are reviewing a book about the rich and famous, then you can dwell a little on their lifestyle first. You have to be open about your impression of the book.
  5. There is nothing wrong in being scathing about certain aspects of the book if you are not convinced with the author’s point of view. But the opinion should be a true depiction of your feelings and not biased by any ill will towards the author. You have to remember that your review can influence a lot of readers into not reading this book.
  6. You can write about the message that the book intends to spread. Depending on how you portray the book, readers will be interested in buying it.

The secret behind writing great reviews is your insight into the book and how much you have been able to grasp what the author is trying to say. You must write the review objectively and in an interesting way so that it makes for great reading too.