Stay-at-home mothers and fathers often have a complex set of roles to juggle. Taking care of the children is always the priority. However, working at home has tasks that must be completed. If the housework is not done the household may not run smoothly. On days when a child is sick, or the work-at-home parent is unable to complete the money making tasks, income can decrease. Here are some work-at-home organizational systems to help increase productivity.

Fly Lady

This is an organizational system that will help parents clean their house with daily, weekly, and annual tasks. The Fly Lady website offers free printable schedules that give daily and weekly chore guidelines. There is a free email reminder service to help establish morning and evening cleaning routines.

Following the basic Fly Lady routine will help to never have an embarrassing moment due to unannounced visitors. Getting dressed to the shoes and waking up before the family is one of the priorities in this system. Basic morning routine and evening chores help family members easily pick up chores.

Auto Focus 2

Auto Focus 2 is an organizational system created by Mark Forster. His method for organizing daily actions helps important tasks actually get completed. There is no need for fancy calendars or tools, simply a spiral notebook and a pen. The Auto Focus 2 method involves writing down all tasks that need to be done. Then glance over the list. Next select a task to do. The right tasks to pick is the one that feels right at that moment. Tasks are marked off on the notebook paper as soon as they are completed.

Exercise Journal

Many parents who live their professional life at home often can become too comfortable in appearance. Using an exercise journal is a great way to keep track of inches lost or gained, accurate weight, and effectiveness of a new work out routine. Reviewing physical progress inside of the exercise journal can help keep motivation high for improving health and fitness.

Having a set system for maintaining the house cleaning, exercise, house hold tasks, and business related tasks is important. Following organizational systems allow an accurate record of which actions give the best results. Keeping track of completed tasks gives a clear picture of free time for recreation, family time, or to start a new project. Use these tips to save time in household and work-at-home tasks.