The planning process, there are steps to be taken before the development of marketing strategies, the first to analyze the situation. An analysis of the situation “to collect and process around the interpretation of internal data, competition and environment.” The environment and summarizes the objectives of the marketing business and current market performance is summarized. Business customers, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and marketing activities in an orderly manner with the competitive analysis (SWOT) of cases risks are provided. Gretel, analysis of internal and external situation, customer analysis, but the production, mode, known as the future, based on and included in the analysis.

The current objectives, strategies, product analysis and review of company operations. Potential tourists and the limits of the product is taken. Destination and determine what potential visitors check the facilities offered. Marketing objectives and goals to reassess to determine its effectiveness in eliminating poor performance through the analysis.

The second analysis, which is how cheap the market is “obvious” such as issues of power and address risk analysis, and how threats and opportunities in the external environment, and statistical report showed the success of the destination can be the same. In addition, the destination location in relation to the market, competitors, products, services, and took his position in the market.

Further analysis of the potential client, the destination for the best target market is included in the analysis is likely to increase in the use of products and services. Potential demand factors, competition, emerging markets and the political, social and economic factors that influence the test criteria can be selected to analyze the market in some markets.

It should be noted that the state should analyze the key stages of the research collection. Research is presented because it is a tool you should be aware of customer needs, wants and preferences allows. “Monitor and evaluate the performance of operations and marketing, and the results have implications for management and communication” research marketing. UN quite accurate and current information and data to the external environment, but also a strong marketing organization should be secret. Marketing Intelligence Marketing to create an environment that managers and short-term, development of marketing plans and strategies to adapt to the daily information helps. “Is

In addition, production status, and future, Gretel fourth propagation analysis, allocation of resources to compete with, and analysis of destination image in two places can speak Czech. Bureau marketing budget, sales materials and marketing programs are compared to competitors.

Situation analysis, SWOT analysis of this information is complete, the company’s strategic position in real life and develop an appropriate marketing strategy provides a framework for the Fed. When done correctly, “the marketing strategy of the company can gain a strategic advantage is particularly useful in the discovery.”

2. Program Planning: Develop objectives and marketing strategies

This situation presents an analysis of the data analysis, the next step in developing an effective marketing strategy for doing so, marketing objectives should be developed first. Without this step, because the most important part of the marketing plan is not able to “meet the measure the success of marketing strategies” for the marketing group.

According to Malcolm HB McDonald for marketing 4P is generally related to the mother.

The first variable, the target market for product development of products, and focuses on meeting the needs.. That. “The tourism industry, intangible, variable, inseparable and perishable” products. This product is a package put more experience.

Distribution channel for the next “location” to another element. “Travel wholesalers, experts, representatives of hotels, tourist agencies national, state and local governments, global distribution systems, and Internet travel agency concierges” The channel is usually included. They might have about the place because they represent the main source of information for tourists can be.

Product offerings to the location decisions tourist destination travel, communicate with existing and potential passengers is required. On developing effective communication strategies, target audiences and communication channels must be known should be considered the most important public. Second, the communication objectives must be developed. For identification purposes in responding to the target market should be sought.

The mental image, to promote the benefits of experience. Only as a means of advertising purchased by the pictures and decided to force a potential to promote tourism are presented. Bureau of great interest in tourism marketing has been on promotional efforts.

Hartline and Ferrell model of classical reference Aida (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), which is the basis for the development of communication or promotional purposes established. This model assumes that the primary purpose of a communication campaign designed to attract the attention of the audience. Made by the customer for the product in the production of components of interest should be disclosed. If the product needs of customers, motivating desire for the product matches the customer is actually buying a package.

After goal setting, communication, product and target audience as a way to do this must be indicated:

Advertisers, clients, mental and behavioral changes in favor of the rating are, “he said. Targets announced for marketing purposes to be used as a base.

2) Public Relations – This is “the process of creating a positive image and customer choice through a third party advertising Main activities, public relations, press relations, product publicity, corporate communications and consultation are included ..

3) Sales Promotion – This concern was “short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale”

Print media advertising, the introduction of tourism, event hosting, on-site testing, including cooperative advertising and direct marketing, travel, presentations, trade shows, other communication strategies for non-option. In short, each with measurable goals and detailed communication strategies should be developed. The last variable is the value of the marketing mix. Complete package as car rentals, hotel prices, freight rates refers to the dictates of the market and includes issues such as airline ticket can enter.

3. Execution

The marketing strategy was developed by programmers to achieve the objectives of the project should be given to the effort. During the implementation phase, an important factor to consider time. Advertising and marketing efforts target market will be affected by the degree of implementation.