Typically, owners of small companies – are ordinary people who once replaced the usual way of life «Work-house sofa beer» on lifestyle needs. Perhaps you are such a businessman, or a wish to become. Then you will be useful to learn about common mistakes small business owners in promoting their company.
First, find out why the owners of small companies make mistakes? Because they – are not professional businessmen, and self. And all that they know about business, came to them by trial and error. Do not be silent about that for a businessman any error – the incentive to improve themselves and their businesses. But would be better if you’re aware of possible mistakes and try to correct them or avoid.

Typical errors in marketing SMALL BUSINESS
Typical errors in marketing SMALL BUSINESS

To your business is not up – take care not to commit mistakes!
What marketing mistakes committed owners of small companies?
The first error – waste of advertising budget. Only organized by a businessman seeking to make it the most recognizable and popular. All funds go to advertising in newspapers, on radio, television, internet, on banners and stretching, and even on message boards. Asked and whether in such a way to spend your advertising budget? Is it not better to identify the potentially most successful channels for conveying information to prospective clients and to focus on them?
The second error – imitation of competitors. It is that, not reading all that, why and for what you want, a beginner entrepreneur thoughtlessly copying competitors’ moves. Competitor to make their sites – and we must! Competitor gave an advertisement in a newspaper – to place on your neighborhood block size! Competitor hang a banner – perekupim is a place for yourself! And the fact that these steps may not have a competitor profits – are not taken! Before you have to do something, calculate efficiency – otherwise you will waste money.
Another frequent problem – the unwillingness or inability to assess the effectiveness of advertising channels. In other words, businessmen do not know what kind of advertising and which gives the greatest impact, and simply lose money by paying, together with effective and ineffective advertising. If you check in a month, from what source of advertising comes to you are your customers, you will be able to intelligently reallocate ad dollars and thus significantly increase sales and thus profits.
How can find out where the client has come? The easiest option – to interview customers who purchased goods or services. And you do not need a long form – just a question «How did you hear about us?».
By avoiding the mistakes of the above, you can significantly increase the profit of the company.