What is the best way to make sure your subscriber list is up-to-date and thus, lucrative?

Here are 2 methods you should employ from the get-go.

  • Ask your subscribers to white-list your email address
  • Remind your subscribers bi-monthly, to update their information

Ask Your New Subscribers to White List Your Email Address

You know what a black list is. The mail goes directly into your customer’s spam box. By white-listing your address, the customer or subscriber makes sure your email arrives in their inbox. So when you create the subscribe form, make sure you tell them to white-list your email address. Most ISPs & email providers, such as google and yahoo, give the subscriber the option to white-list names.

Tell them, also, to check their spam folder, just in case your e-mail was sent there.

Remind Your Subscribers to Update Their Profiles Bi-Monthly

People often change email addresses. In order to maintain your list, you need to remind your subscribers to let you know when they make a change. If you do that every couple of months, they are more likely to make the change before you start receiving bounce backs.

The reminder might read like this:

Subject Line: Subscription Update from (your name or company)

Body: Are you changing your email address? If so, now is the time to update your profile with our company before you lose any valuable information we may be sending you in the future. If there is any other info you wish to add, such as a new address or phone number, do so now also.

In case of changes or additions, we like to send this bi-monthly reminder. You can make the changes on our profile page (URL)

This will ensure that you will always get the information that you have want without any delays.


Offer your subscriber a benefit to update their profiles. For example, you can give them, free, a special report. Do you have a new service or product that you can offer them for their cooperation? Offering your subscribers a benefit will encourage them to update now and continue updating in the future.

Using these simple systems will go a long way toward keeping your customers and subscribers happy.