First let me start off by saying that yes – Twitter is a waste of time. 

I once heard business guru Brian Tracy mention that there are two types of people when it comes to building a business: There are those who focus on activities and there are those who focus on results.

Is Twitter a Waste of Time For The Small Business Owner?
Is Twitter a Waste of Time For The Small Business Owner?

Those who focus on activities are usually taking action on things that are fun and easy to do. Those who focus on results are focusing on proven methods that actually bring in results.

Twitter is nothing more than a fun and easy activity. So many small business owners kill their time and money trying to generate business on Twitter. Very few have been successful with it. 

Twitter is only effective if you or your brand/company were already known before and people want to follow you. (or if you want to throw over a Government:)

Online Marketing and lead generation is a hard business and I’ve found over the course of my time in this industry that many marketers will do what is fun and easy rather than what is hard and necessary. 

Its upsets me is when I hear people talking about a marketing Strategy for Twitter ..A marketing Strategy for Twitter?? .there is no such thing as marketing strategy for Twitter – its like saying that you have a marketing strategy for internet chat rooms.

Focus on the real methods and strategies that actually drive in real results. For example: picking up the phone and actually calling prospects. 

In an article recently published on Startupnation – “Has Twitter Lost Its Luster”  the writer does a great job of explaining why Twitter is a complete waste of time. 

At the end of the day you need to face the numbers. You need to look at the time invested in various marketing and promotional activities for your business and evaluate what is actually working and what is burning your time and budget. 

I can guarantee you that if you are spending time on Twitter obsessively trying to build a following – you will end up with no business.