Online writing courses are all over the Internet. People serious about writing want to choose courses that are from educational programs that are well designed and have a good reputation. Open University offers free writing courses that teach authors the basics of story writing, advance their knowledge of narrative perspectives and story structure, and further their understanding of the reader’s experience.

About Open University

Open University is a UK based, university level adult education provider. They offer free online courses in many disciplines, including three free courses in writing. The university serves 180,000 students in their distance learning goals. They have thirteen regional centers and the main campus is located in Milton Keynes, northwest of London.

The Open University has a full service library in Milton Keynes, and has an online library allowing worldwide access to reference and teaching materials. The library offers online service seven days a week, 24 hours a day for students and staff. A new, redesigned library homepage launched on September 1, 2009. In addition, the Open University utilizes an initiative called Open Learn, which provides free educational access to everyone.

Free Online Creative Writing Classes

There are three courses in writing currently offered. Writing What You Know gives the writer instruction in how to use life experiences to create fictional characters, settings, and plots. Start Writing Fiction is designed as a beginning creative writing course. It covers the basics of characterization, setting, style, and genre. Approaching Prose Fiction is for the intermediate to advanced student. Focusing more on the reading experience, it delves into narrative perspectives, elements of plot, and individual writer’s styles.

Each course includes a syllabus, estimated time to complete the course, and online audio and written resources to study. Each lesson includes an active working assignment for the writer. These writing classes do not offer interaction with an instructor; they are self-study for the motivated student.

The classes do offer Unit Forums where students can connect and collaborate on the lessons and assignments. In addition, students may set up Learning Clubs for areas of study. Open University provides a range of learning tools and software for students to use and enhance their educational experience, including knowledge mapping and video conferencing.

Benefits of Free Online Writing Courses

Since the writing classes are all self-study, a writer can move as quickly or slowly as needed to complete the course, and can return to it time and time again for a refresher. Studying at home and integrating the lessons into a current project can make the assignments more meaningful. Since they are free, there is no strain on the budget.

The art of writing is also one of constant learning. For the aspiring writer, as well as the more experienced one, these free online creative writing classes can be just the thing a busy writer needs to pump up motivation and creativity.