Woven labels are a very unique type of labels that are widely used in the marketing and promotion of companies. Generally, they display a particular message to the customer, either the name of the company or the name of the product or service. Making use of woven labels is a unique way of branding, an act that internalizes the company image vis-à-vis its name into the product itself such that the two become one. It is one thing to have to know what a product is or which company made a specific product written on a card tag and it is another thing to have the same thing woven on the product or separately but woven nevertheless. It also improvise upon the image of the subject company as it is promoted as a company with the aesthetic sense, taste and finances to come up not with any other label but a woven label.

Of course woven labels are most popular with woven products, products that portray an image of elegance and grace even in isolation. However, the labels woven into them do away with the need to placing customary plastic labels to identify the product and company and bring taste to the product by doing away with them.

However, woven labels are only used on an exquisite range of products because they are much more expensive than normal labels as they require weaving, a time and effort demanding exercise. For the same reason, these labels cannot be used by all designers in the market. Woven labels are only used by designers whose products enjoy respect and high demand in the market, which allows them not only to cover up the additional costs easily but also to earn good profits on the idea of introducing woven labels, which, they believe, add substance to the products they make and increase their attraction to the buyer. It is also possible to have custom woven labels created for your business or personal use.