Online trade is growing and the number of your competitors is increasing. Due to this fact, the market conditions change more often.

With the right software we help you to keep your prices up to date and to react faster to changing market conditions.

The right software will help you:

  • See quickly how the prices of the competitors relevant for you behave over time and how often the online shops relevant for you change their prices.
  • Recognize trends and react immediately to changes in the market.
  • Only those who know the prices of their competitors can offer their products with relevant prices on the market.
  • Especially important: Adjust your prices upwards to increase your margin.

Price optimization with us

Example article in the Shop TrackerFile view of a product in the Shop Tracker.
The Shop Tracker determines the prices of your items on the Internet, for example from the portals of Google, Amazon or Idealo. The price data is assigned to your article and graphically prepared. Of course you can also download the prices as a list or integrate them directly into your merchandise management system via API.

Functions of brainbi

  • Individual query intervals of prices from your desired data sources.
  • View and assign the prices found to your articles.
  • Price history of the last weeks and months.
  • Repricing/Autopricing – Calculation of a price proposal according to your individual specifications.
  • Watchlist function: particularly relevant prices are displayed in a separate list.
  • We would be happy to set up a test environment for you so that you can test the Shop Tracker without obligation.
  • In advance we can provide you with an individual offer.
  • No long contract periods, because monthly cancellations are possible.
  • We need this from you:

Provide us with a data feed (you can use the Google Shopping data feed, or a comparable one). Tell us from which data sources you would like to receive the prices. How often should the prices be updated?