Keywords is a key on creating and publishing article niche marketing campaign. With the SEO keywords in place able to optimize your articles content and attract huge traffic in your articles with less job and great benefit in return. Finding search engine optimization keywords is complicated and the most important thing to keep in mind before you start writing articles online.

Although SEO keywords is very important to success in article marketing but not many people know how to find the good combination of keywords which can bring the high searches and indexed by google fast. If your market targeted on PPC campaign, no doubt keywords play an important role to make lots of money easily with placed the relevant keywords in the correct place. Find out Top 30 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords  which showed you which keywords that give you the highest PTC value.

You not need to buy any software or application in order to get the good combination of SEO keywords. There are several free tools online that you can use to find best SEO keywords the easy way.

1. Google Wonder Wheel

Google provide a great feature where let you to search the hot topic to write about in your articles. Once you type the keyword that you wish to search in google main page then press search, google wonder wheel located on the left of side of the toolbar. If you still can’t locate wonder wheel, search and click for “more search tool” words on the left hand side of google page.Wonder Wheel will create ramifications from your base keywords and it will display you related topics in a tree form.

2. Google Adwords Keyword Tools

Google team developed a great powerful keywords tools which allow their advertiser to search and help you find best keywords for your Adwords campaings and also help PPC users to select niche keywords for their websites. I’m personally use this tools frequently to find out which keywords are those among high searches keywords that can place in my articles. Another interesting feature in google adwords keyword tools is that it displayed the CPC (Cost per click) on each of the keywords.

3. Wordtracker Alternative of google adwords keyword tools, wordtracker is a simplify and powerful keywords searches tool that have the same feature to allow user to find the high searches niche keywords for their articles and websites. Wordtracker come in free but you can upgrade to premium version that include more useful feature.  It simple to use, you just need to key in the phases or words that you need to find then press the “Hit Me” button. A list of relevant keywords will show out base of the searches trend.