To be able to handle the buyer factor well, it is important to identify and choose a target market for the product. The market(s) chosen by the company must reflect the style, image and price point of the products. This way it is easy to be competitive. Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Online is one place to start scouting for target market and find the perfect niche for the company.

Target Market

It is important to build category and brand to be able to penetrate the market. To be able to establish a name and a niche in the market takes a long time so the firm should be prepared to commit time and ample resources.

It is important that being competitive does not end by knowing the target market alone. Allocating proper resources and taking the time are important requirements to succeed in the international market.

Microsoft is widely successful because it has managed to identify its market and target them in their broad advertising campaigns such as creating awareness of specific IT problems and offering Microsoft products that address these problems. They also offer incentives to customers or partners who use or sells their products such as rebates.

Both Dell and Microsoft also manifest the ability to offer products that actually meet the needs of the markets. This is one of the reasons for their huge success.

After knowing the target market it is important to establish the sales structure that best fit the company. There are several choices so each choice should be weighed well and thoroughly before coming up with a decision.

The company has a number of choices when it comes to the sales structure. These include using broker, distributor or the direct sales approaches. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to determine which approach would work best for the company.

Using a broker is the easiest way to start selling. But it has its drawbacks. One is it limits the control the company exercise over the distribution of its product in the market. It is advisable to use a broker when the following circumstances occur:

* don’t want the hassles of learning the market or controlling the marketing
* want one person or company to deal with the markets

An importer or distributor allows the company to exercise more control over distribution but it also demands time and effort. The company will opt for distributor method when the following situations occur:

* have enough time to allocate to be able to see the market
* want the agent to control the marketing

Making direct sales is applicable for the company if they have a single outlet for all their products. This is done to:

* to get rid of stages of profit-taking
* when brand building is not necessary

It is imperative that before embarking on selling, the company should get qualified people who can extend proper counseling. Developing a marketing plan before selling is a necessity. The detailed plan should include clear aims, corporate objectives, and possible problems that may arise and how to handle them.

In choosing overseas distributors due diligence must be practiced. There will be a number of problems that would arise later in the process of conducting overseas communications and transporting goods to various freight points. This is why international or overseas distributors must be able to act independently.

Ford is struggling in its sales because of its numerous foreign competitors. In order to address this dilemma Ford make its presence felt online by partnering with Yahoo and other known online companies. They also adopted innovational IT programs in order to compete with foreign companies effectively.