What a year 2019 was. Economic woes, political unrest, consumers that just refused to consume, and plaguing environmental issues filled the last twelve months.

What does the upcoming year hold? Well for advertising, according to The Wall Street Journal on December 28, 2019, less glitz, fewer actors and sports figures, and an increase in comparison advertising are all on the horizon.

Less Glitz Advertising

When sales dip advertising budgets get slashed. Such a practice almost seems like it’s a backwards strategy. If less people are buying, increasing advertising would seemingly be the best answer to generating more or new interest.

With all of the advertising mediums available these days, and with consumers being open to receive just about any type of message, companies can find ways to continue to advertise.

There a slew of options to producing lower cost advertising using a little less glitz and little more message. Social networking, tweeting, blogging and sending e-coupons are all lower cost options.

One example of less glitz is that research shows that consumers appreciate advertising that shows how a company gives back which is exactly what PepsiCo is planning for an online campaign that will give funds for charitable purposes.

Fewer Ads with Actors and Sports Figures

The fallout from the fallen Tiger Woods will certainly have an effect on how and how often advertisers will use celebrities and sports figures in their advertising over the next year. The Wall Street reported, “Marketers will look more to sponsor teams, leagues and events, rather than individuals, an approach with fewer risks.”

Comparison Advertising Takes Hold

Comparison ads that show the advantages of one product over another brand will continue in 2020. Advertisers such as Campbell Soup and Verizon Wireless used this type of advertising throughout 2019. It is a “rough-and-tumble” sales approach that has obviously been working and as such consumers will see more of the same for the upcoming year.

Advertising in 2020

Additional trends expected for 2020 include:

  • Continued use of social networking
  • Getting to know you where consumers provide personal information in return for ads they want to see
  • Luxury products or companies will be hitting the Internet this year with their advertising attempts
  • Watch one, get one free where airports, hotels, and restaurants are offering free Wi-Fi
  • Using employees as pitch persons.

Better Year for Advertising

The upcoming year is poised to be a better year for consumers, retailers, auto manufacturers, banks, and advertisers. The trends for 2020 seem to be more of the same from last year, except of course Tiger Woods will be much less prominent.