So, you’ve authored a great book and, yet, day in and day out you continue to struggle with securing a publisher for your works. When this scenario arises, consider self-publishing as a viable alternative to a publishing company.

Self publishing, simply, is the process by which an author will pay to not only print and publish a book but also promote the material. While the upfront costs of self-publishing can be significant, when done correctly, the monetary reward is well worth it.

Because self-publishing is a “one man show”, all revenues from self-publishing are essential the property of the author. While there are some exceptions to this rule, many undiscovered authors are turning to self-publishing as a way to turn a profit and gain name recognition.

While there are certain books that tend to perform well in the book publishing market, many authors will stick to their passion and produce books they feel they can author well. If you are a writer who is considering a self-publishing venture, and have not chosen a genre of book to author, consider using non-fiction and cookbooks as these two types of published materials tend to perform well, long term.

Resources, such as Publisher’s Weekly, can also provide information into trends in book publishing that may provide a key opportunity for you to author a book, in a relatively short period of time, which piggybacks upon a topic of trend.

To further promote an authored book in the self-publishing forum, consider packaging your book with other products that fit the theme of your material. For example, if you choose to write a non-fiction book about fads in dieting, consider creating a smaller, handheld book, which can be used as a quick food eating guide or reference. Packing your authored book with another “gift” will give your authored, self-published material a great acceptance in retail store outlets and discount stores in addition to standard book stores and outlets.

Titles are a crucial part of hooking a reader and boosting your self-publishing venture. Using a play on words and using a different font in your words “at play” can capture the attention of any reader, even if they are not interested in your particular genre of authored material.

And, finally, before you self-publish a book you have authored, get the feedback of your family and friends. Ensuring you obtain feedback that is open and honest, you will be on your way to developing a book that can be promoted easily. Also, by tapping into these resources, not only are your edits and revisions more objective, you will already have a set base of readers for your authored works.