MLM team building campaigns where representatives can build a team COMPLETELY online through social media sites such as Facebook have created a new era of successful network marketers. Online team building campaigns virtually eliminates the startup costs, meetings, sales and presentation sides to MLM success.

To become a successful network marketer, it would be important to put to mind the ideal traits, characteristics, and personalities possessed by individuals whom have succeeded in network marketing. Upon the presentation and signup of any MLM opportunity, we are all promised hopes of financial freedom and a pathway created for us to reach that milestone. And even though more than 80% of all MLM representatives end up failing within their first year, MLM is by no means a scam. It is a legitimate opportunity and like any other startup business, it requires the right person, hard work, persistence, and financial risks (luckily, one of the major benefit of MLM is the low startup costs).

 A successful MLM campaign requires a representative with an entrepreneurial spirit with the right business skills in marketing, social dynamics, and self motivation. Roughly 75% of all new MLM recruits lack the needed business skills and senses to succeed which is why training and team based support is considered the heart and survival in running a successful campaign. Social, presentation, and lead generation skills can be slowly developed in an attempt to mold you into an entrepreneur. But even though the training and support exists, many once enthusiastic representatives will soon quickly fail or discover that network marketing just simply is not for them. Network marketing like any other position, requires a unique personality from the individual themselves to even have a potential for success. Many just do not perform well when they are required to speak or sell. For many, work that does not require face to face interactions and high pressure recruitment tactics fits within their comfort levels. And even for those confident and motivated individuals, they may still find little to no success in their MLM business. Today, aspiring MLM’ers are able to succeed in network marketing without any skills needed. They are able to build their entire down line network completely BEFORE joining a MLM opportunity. Once the team has reached a certain capacity, the entire network of people collectively joins the opportunity simultaneously which puts them all in a position to be profiting immediately. This new paradigm has virtually eliminated all the headache associated with recruitment as recruiting individuals to your down line is done entirely online rather than with multiple face to face meetings. This has allowed for the success of network marketing for many individual. Ultimately, it would be wise to start such a team building network marketing campaign for yourself to gain a feel and understanding of network marketing success for yourself.