In my previous article, I shared one approach of selling the same articles in multiple sites. There were some concern raised that this will result in duplicate content penalty. Indeed that is a risk that this may happen and will happen if many follow my advice.

In order to mitigate this problem, you can do a variation of the approach. Rather than posting all the articles published in Triond to Bukisa, and Wikinut; select those that are not getting the views and appreciation in Triond.

One of the things need to remember each site has their own set of readers. There may be some that are in all the sites but there is still a lot of untapped fans and audiences in this other sites.

For example, I found the children story do not get good returns from the views in Triond. There is better audience for this kind of articles in Bukisa and Wikinut. As online writers, we are doing business for ourselves and we owe it to ourselves to find which market will “buy” or appreciate our articles. You need to explore and see what your audience wants and where to market what you write.

Too often we set up store in one site and wonder why our goods are not selling!!