This articles provides you with some tips and tricks that you can use to master article marketing and take a short route to success.

Article is one of the most effective way of promoting an online business. But there is no doubt that it is also one of the toughest way to promote your online website or services . First you have to write really good ,keyword rich articles and then submit it manually to major article directories and this can take a lot of your precious time . So here are three ways of having a shortcut to article marketing.

Use article submitters – Article submitters help you to submit your articles automatically to lot of article directories . You only have to fill up a default form and your article software will do the rest for you. They can easily submit your aticle to 50 to 60 articles at one go . Imagine the time you can save from it and in online business time is money.

Use Plr articles – Plr articles can be used to write quick articles . You just need to get your hands on some plr articles but make sure to re-edit or rewrite them atleast 30 to 50 percentage before publishing it on all major article directories. In this way a lot of time can be saved .

Buy content – If you have no time to write but have money to invest then you can buy articles from sites like constant-content and dailytips . In these sites you can buy articles about any any niche or you can also hire a writer to write articles for you . Another great site to get your content written is fiverr . In fiverr lot of writers can write you an article for $5 . So getting content is not that tough if you have money to spend.

Therefore all the above steps can save a lot of time but at the same time can give you the success you deserve. So work hard and good luck .