First if all, what is MLM?  Some people still think of it as a pyramid.

Pyramid schemes are illegal. MlM obviously is not. MLM companies have been around for years and years and recognized as legitimate for over 40 years… AVON, Amway, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Shaklee and so many more BIG name companies are MLM.

So, what is a pyramid?
The easiest and most simple way to recognize a pyramid scheme is when there’s a very large cost to join and there’s a much lower value or even no product or service offered in return for this cost.

The MLM Companies who are successful provide unique, high quality products, at a fair price to the consumer and have high regards and a fair compensation plan for their representatives .

  Starting and building your own business is possibly one of the hardest things you will ever do yet at the same time it will most likely be the most rewarding and most satisfying thing you’ll do , business-wise.

There is nothing like working from home , setting your own schedule and being your own boss. Working barefoot on the computer. Working your hours . The pride you’ll feel at the end of the day is very empowering. And in this day and age, having an income from home and internet is the way to go. Working a long day to make someone else rich and having less and less job security can be stressful to say the least. ANd missing precious moments from your childrens childhood cannot be replaced. If you like helping others, and want to be rewarded for your dedication and ambition, then MLM/network marketing  is for you.

Certain things are the keys to your success:

You must have a clear goal to work for, a plan of action and unwavering belief that it can succeed.

You must understand that you will get back ten times what you give. Work hard each day, don’t be afraid to invest money in your business, give gifts, help others and remember the Maya Angelou quote “Nothing works unless you do”

You must continually grow. As a person, as a leader, as a student. If you don’t grow, you stagnate. You must be the seeker of knowledge and learn to apply the knowledge you aquire to make the most productive time of your work. You will never “know it all”..there is so much more to learn from the leaders. Use your time wisely and schedule in daily training for yourself.

You must commit to take daily action. Don’t slack off after a good week or that will be the momentum you will continue. Have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lists and goals that you put into a solid plan of action. Write down your goals and tape them where you sit often (at the computer perhaps)

Treat others as you want to be treated. Never assume someone won’t be an intregal part of your future success or that you can’t learn something from them. Be open to hearing stories of others lives and learn from them. Treat new team members with respect. You will earn that respect back tenfold , as a leader, as well as set an example to encourage your team to be committed, take action and grow stronger every day.

Be a serious and committed to your business as you would if you had to be to a job on time and hand in projects on time. Get up, get dressed, get going. Treat it like a real business, because it is.

Remember that overnight success is rarely , if ever, accomplished. Leaders say that it takes 2-5 years to build a large business. That’s less time(and considerably less money) than it takes to get a degree in college and go search for a job, starting at entry level salary. Think about it. A few short years and your life can potentially be very different. If you started 5 years ago, where would you be now? In a larger home? On the beach? On vacation? No bills?
Well, why not start today?

If you follow these tried and true steps taught by the leaders in the industry , you can grow a large business right from your home and accomplish your dreams and goals.

So, ask yourself?

Are you trainable and willing to learn?

Do you want a different lifestyle, of abundance?

Do you like to help and teach others?

Do you have an upbeat, honest and fun personality?

Are you committed to  personal growth?

Are you 110% postive you can succeed?

If so, choose an MLM business that appeals to you after you do your research.Make that vision board of goals and wrok daily to achieve it, while remembering life is meant to be fun. Meet new people, go new places, learn and grow and commit to creat success! You can do it!