1. First, you need to position your product.  What is your product? What is the purpose you want to accomplish with it?
  2. Time for jump-start: That would be the needs of finding out if you are about to market your product to the right public, which is key to a success in marketing and sells.  Do they really need it? What type of public will go for your product? What do they think about it?   This is the make-break point where you should get very creative in order to find the public’s needs and wants.   

How can you find out? By communication which is done via survey.

The survey will consist of questions, which will represent your idea to variety of people.  

Key datum: An upbeat attitude is important. 

  1. Categorize the public’s answers.    What you get in majority, will give you a very good grip of who is your right public to market to!
  2. After you have been categorized all the answers by looking for repetitive words, ideas, pictures, thoughts, locations etc.  These words would be the magic items of people’s agreement and thoughts. 
  3. Now, from the above you can go ahead and create your product and its logo. 
  4. Reap the outcome:  You already got your specific public.  That alone considers your product as 80% self-sold.  Then you got their agreement and that practically will give an effortless approach to launch your product in their hand.