1.  With twitter we are seeing a change in the way information is spread across the internet. if you are new to twitter you will find hundreds of tools to assist you in building your following while in the mean time you will find lots of new contacts with valuable information, news and tools you can use  to market you product or service. Lots of good people with quotes, music, health and weight loss. Just unlimited information.  I could go on and on but lets get down to the nuts and bolts of viral marketing.

2.  Creating a following.  Your main purpose is (or should be ) to attract friends and influence people. Don’t expect to expect to win friends if you have nothing of value for other tweeters.  Keep your tweets sweet.  Don’t jump in with an “I gotta get paid attitude”.  I would suggest you find some other tweeters tweets and retweet them.

3. One  of the tools I use is tweetdeck.  Works great for me. Get that after you sign up and get started. It’s easy from the git go, so no details here. Just do it  while it is free.

4 Viral marketing is the effect of word of mouth advertising.  Its just that simple.  A tweet on twitter is a blurb of copy no more than 140 characters. If you find something useful like a link to some one’s web site you can forward it by a method called retweet  and send it to all your followers and friends.  It has been proven to be more effective to say Pleas retweet. abbreviations are often used.  RT, R Tweet, RTP, PRT, Please Rtweet.   You can sent you own message with Please Rtweet.

Again please be a warm and friendly Tweeter and not act as if you want to get your message out cause you wanted to get paid or got to get me some money. People love animals, pictures, religion,food, and sharing ideas, problems, horse stories. with tweetdeck you can track and send  and view profiles with location. Your tweets are easy with tweetdeck. You can shorten long URL’s and send your tweets and retweets with a couple of clicks. Jump right in and sign up.  http://www.twitter.com