The Response Device should be written like a mini-ad. It should lure the reader to act by making the offer irresistible. This was easy to do with the Astral soap mailing for Hindustan Lever because the offer – the most important element in determining response and sales, was fantastic: a free trip through magical Rajasthan on the luxurious Palace-on-Wheels.

The headline on the Response Device: Just give us your opinion about Astral and win a Grand Palace-on-Wheels Prize

In India today, a few royal legacies still linger. The Palace-on-Wheels is one of them: a once in a lifetime journey into enchantment. Winner of the prestigious PATA Gold Award in Osaka in 1987, it has been covered by the National Geographic.

The Palace-on-Wheels is a royal vintage train that takes you through several splendid cities in seven days. The journey begins in Delhi, goes on to Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the grand finale – the Taj Mahal at Agra before you return to Delhi. You travel by night and sight-see by day in deluxe coaches. You enter the Amber Fort on elephant back; ride atop a stately camel at Jaisalmer and take a leisurely trip by boat on the enchanted lakes of Udaipur. Every detail is arranged in advance for your comfort.

Originally built for the Maharajas, each carriage is decorated with sparkling crystal chandeliers, sumptuous velvets and brocades and each is different from the other. The oldest dates from 1898! Each carriage also has its own kitchenettes, modern bathrooms and well-stocked bar. Liveried attendants treat you with royal hospitality.

The Palace-on-Wheels has two restaurant cars which provide excellent continental and Indian cuisine. And if you’d like to look out at the bewitching Rajasthani countryside, there’s an air-conditioned observatory room with a library and a bar.

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Imagine experiencing all this and the haunting beauty of a land where palaces of sandstone and marble are as delicately crafted as lace; the vivid colours of the local costumes and turbans; the desert like a rippling golden sea on which the rugged, romantic forts seem like a mirage. And imagine seeing all this like a Maharani would.

The royal vintage train runs in the season between October and March. Thus, giving you enough time to plan an exciting holiday.

Now make this journey of enchantment possible at absolutely no cost to you. Simply do me the favour of filling in the Opinion Form below. Then tear it out and send it to me before th March 1990 in the postage paid envelope enclosed.