Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle, books are more accessible than ever. Readers have the option of downloading words in a matter of moments, clicking a button to receive all the new novels they want — no trip to the local store necessary. But Amazon provides a unique opportunity for writers as well, helping them launch their careers through more than one self-publishing option. Now, it is possible for anyone — and everyone — to become a published author.

Amazon’s Self-Publishing Options

Amazon allows authors to publish their works in one of three ways. No matter which option writers choose, authors will earn revenue for every book they sell, and their work will be available to Amazon’s large audience of readers.

  • CreateSpace. Through CreateSpace, authors will be prompted to fill orders as they are placed, so no up-front inventory costs are required. Individuals sign a non-exclusive agreement when joining CreateSpace, so they still have the option of enjoying future publishing opportunities. Authors will also be given an ISBN or UPC number if they do not already have one for a specific product.
  • Kindle. Authors who hold the digital rights to their books may publish them through Amazon’s Kindle store using the Digital Text Platform. Publishing a book through Kindle is very easy — authors need only upload a .PDF copy of their book.
  • Advantage. Through the Advantage option, authors have the chance to sell their books on Some promotional opportunities are also offered through the website to help writers sell their work.

With all of Amazon’s self-publishing options, authors will set their own prices and even choose their own royalty percentage. Anyone who has a completed book may self-publish through Amazon, allowing their words to be read by potentially millions of customers. But sometimes, the work doesn’t stop at self-publishing. Authors who want success may yet need to do much, much more.


People have to know that a book exists before they’re going to buy it, right? Authors who self-publish through Amazon, or any other means, want to spend time on self-promoting as well. Buying ad space on Facebook and Google is not extremely expensive, and may help authors reach a much wider audience. If spending money on advertising is out of the question, create a free website to promote any books and always include links for buyers. Tell friends, family, and associates about the book, and market it through any social networking sites that are available and in use.