If a company offers its customers and potential clients the option of a toll-free calling, then it can see a huge volume of calls coming in for the business to grow and flourish like never before. These toll-free vanity numbers (numbers starting with 1-800, 1-877, 1-888, and such) are a fantastic way to connect with a business’ target consumer. Toll free vanity numbers allow someone to chose specific numbers (or corresponding letters) that pertain to his business (i.e., 1-800-PLANT-DR), and draw in the most clients possible who are looking for his specific field of expertise.

How to Apply for a Vanity Number?

Highly reputable and reliable telecommunications companies like WorldCom and AT&T offer vanity numbers to all types of businesses and individuals. Toll-free vanity numbers are given through such companies as a RespOrg or other such toll-free service providers. They will then go through a large data-bank of possible numbers to offer a potential customer. Due to FCC regulations, it is unlawful to sell any toll-free number. Beware of companies that require payment for these phone numbers, as they are just con artists trying to steal one’s money! If a person is careful, though, it’s pretty easy to obtain a toll-free vanity number for his/her business, as there are so many reputable RespOrgs available.

Choosing the Right Toll Free Number

Before going with any particular service, learn if they provide PBX phone system support. One will also want to know the number of calls he can receive at any given time. And insist on getting features such as find-me/follow-me call forwarding, fax, fax to email, voice-mail, and auto attendant. Understand that a toll-free number can receive all the incoming calls that a normal ring-to number will support.

Remember that a vanity number (with clever lettering) should allow a business’ potential customers a simple and reasonable spelling that is not difficult for them to commit to memory. Intricate and overly-elaborate word choices will only confuse people and thereby decrease the callers. When printing fliers, business cards, and posting web ads, it is very important to add the actual numbers right beside the lettering.

A quality toll-free vanity number is an excellent method of getting a person’s business out to the general public, feeding largely off the “word of mouth” phenomenon. They are a very cost-efficient way to get a company’s name out there, even in a specific industry that may seem overpopulated to begin with.