“Hesitation never cashed a paycheck”

Isn’t that a GREAT quote?

In life, it’s that little hesitation that can keep us from doing BIG things.

Hesitation thrives on fear.

And for network marketing, it’s even more fitting.

It’s over-thinking and not listening to the voice inside that is saying just  GO FOR IT!

It’s the voice of a clueless  friend doubting the  MLM business.

It’s listening to a  whiner and complainer who is down on the industry of network marketing  (because THEY FAILED AT IT from lack of commitment and lack of serious work ethic)  and saying to yourself-”see, she failed, I guess I will to.”

It’s being unsure of committing to a company, hesitating  to spend a few hundred to start ….unfortunately, choices like that will never cash a paycheck.

It’s walking away from an opportunity to hand someone a business card, talk about your business or share your product. Hesitating because what? You thought they’d say No? Because you thought it wasn’t the “right” moment?Because you were unsure of exactly what to say?

All excuses and I’ve been there plenty myself.

But more and more, as I’ve seen my home business checks grow, I know in my heart, it’s because I’ve gotten over that initial hesitation of making decisions or approaching people.

And if you choose to, you CAN erase all doubt and fear and hesitation and commit, take action and make a home business a life changing successful venture!