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A note from the team to our users:

It has been a great time for us and we think that we built a great platform so far. Now it is time for us to move on and the domain was sold and now joins forces with brainbi the leading solution for Online Price Monitoring and Pricing tool. Current users will be supported on pricify for now (just drop us a mail for a free access). We suggest migrating to brainbi in the short term! 

Thanks to all!

The Team

Lets figure out the fair price of things.

Sometimes is easy to get confused by that ‘great offer’ in supermarkets and such. It would be nice to have a judge in your head telling you whether that is a fair price or not. We can’t tell you but we have made a simple app for making quick anotations and easy access.

There are people that just know that, it is great for them. This app is for those who don’t remember those kind of things.

One of the possible uses of this app could be just using it for annotating the fair price of vegetables. You can choose the amount you want to have stored and also the unity (liters, kilos, grams …). When in doubt make your own list, and in the supermarket you will be able to add prices to it, check with others (mothers are specially helpful) and note down a fair price for it. Next time you are making your groceries and in doubt, give a quick check to the app and problem solved.

  • That is only one idea, for sure you’ll find the best way for you to use the app.
  • It is not about being penny-pinching, is just about paying a fair price for the things.

Price Monitoring

For you as a dealer, continuous price monitoring is indispensable. A successful global pricing strategy is based on knowing the current prices in the market and knowing what your competitors are doing. With our price monitoring, you can monitor not only the prices of your competitors – several times a day if you wish – but also their stock levels, delivery times, delivery costs, their rank on platforms and their ratings on the net. In every country and every currency. In the clearly arranged dashboard or via interface export.

Dynamic Pricing

Continuous price observation is one thing. For retailers, however, it is important to draw the right conclusions from these findings. They have to adjust their prices to increase sales or profits. In our Dynamic Pricing you can, therefore, store a repricing strategy based on any number of rules. As soon as the price observation reveals a need for action, the Dynamic Pricing Algorithms suggests the optimal new sales price. You decide whether you want to perform repricing automatically or after manual release.

Feed Optimization

Your feed is the list of products that you post to various price comparison portals and online marketplaces. Which prices your competitors take there for the same products is also decisive for your own ranking. As a rule, retailers in the first three places also get the lion’s share of clicks. With our Feed Optimization, you determine yourself which price targets you want to pursue for your feeds.

Market analysis

Our market analysis shows you which products sell best on the relevant marketplaces and comparison portals. For example, you will find out which are the 100 current top sellers on the comparison portals and marketplaces relevant to you in the categories relevant to you. Based on this information, you can decide which of these bestselling products or product groups are worth including in your own assortment if necessary.

Competition analysis

In our competitive analysis, you first determine which of your competitors are particularly relevant to you. With these competitors, we carry out an exact comparison with your products. Which products from your range does the important competitor also offer – and at what price? You decide which consequences result from the findings of the competition analysis. Maybe it makes sense to adjust your strategy, to price products differently, or to change something in your purchasing department.

Catalog Intelligence

As part of the Catalog-Intelligence, we take a very close look at your competitor’s product range and examine his product catalog in detail. You find out which products he offers, what brand they are, what variants, colors, or sizes your competitor offers and – last but not least – what prices he takes.

Catalog intelligence is therefore a very focused and granular competitive analysis. For you as a retailer, Catalog-Intelligence is of fundamental, strategic importance.

Retailers need information fast.

Price management, competitive analysis, and a good pricing strategy are essential for you as a retailer. With our cloud-based solution, you can start immediately, without integration effort, with meaningful results within hours. Nevertheless, we also offer you a wide range of customizing options and individual interfaces if you need them.