A note from the pricify.co team to our users:

It has been a great time for us and we think that we built a great platform so far. Now it is time for us to move on and pricify.co joins forces with brainbi the leading solution for Online Price Monitoring and Pricing tool. Current users will be supported on pricify for now. We suggest migrating to brainbi in the short term! 

Thanks to all!

The pricify.co Team

Lets figure out the fair price of things.


Sometimes is easy to get confused by that ‘great offer’ in supermarkets and such. It would be nice to have a judge in your head telling you whether that is a fair price or not. We can’t tell you but we have made a simple app for making quick anotations and easy access.

There are people that just know that, it is great for them. This app is for those who don’t remember those kind of things.

One of the possible uses of this app could be just using it for annotating the fair price of vegetables. You can choose the amount you want to have stored and also the unity (liters, kilos, grams …). When in doubt make your own list, and in the supermarket you will be able to add prices to it, check with others (mothers are specially helpful) and note down a fair price for it. Next time you are making your groceries and in doubt, give a quick check to the app and problem solved.

  • That is only one idea, for sure you’ll find the best way for you to use the app.
  • It is not about being penny-pinching, is just about paying a fair price for the things.