It’s possible to take advantage of outgrown children’s clothing to make money on eBay. There are several ways to sell kids’ clothing, including single listings and lots.

Kids clothes are a very popular subcategory on eBay because children’s clothing are often worn for short periods of time without them sustaining much wear and tear. Outgrown clothes can build up in a home quickly, and many are still in good condition and can be sold on eBay. Many parents sell kids’ clothes that have been outgrown and use the money to buy new clothes.

How to Sell Kids' Clothes on eBay: Make Money on eBay By Selling Kids' Clothing
How to Sell Kids’ Clothes on eBay: Make Money on eBay By Selling Kids’ Clothing

Designer Kids’ Clothing

Boutique clothing is extremely popular in the kids’ clothing world, and these items are popular items on eBay. Boutique clothing brands are searched for daily by multitudes of buyers who want designer kids clothes, making them more likely to sell quickly

A few popular brands for designer and boutique kids clothes include: Baby Lulu, Amanda Remembered, Trish Scully, Oilily, Strasburg, Lilly Pulitzer, Room Seven, Bailey Boys and Ralph Lauren. These brands and several other designer and boutique clothing names should be sold individually for the best profit potential.

Selling in Lots

Unless an article of kids’ clothing is brand new or a popular name brand, the best way to sell most kids’ clothing is to put the children’s clothing into larger groups. Large amounts of kids’ clothing can be broken into size groups or groups of similar clothing types.

Selling Baby Clothes Online

Baby clothing is generally inexpensive and is therefore perfect for grouping into lots. When selling baby clothes, group them in month sizes. Unless an item of baby clothing is a designer piece, most people will not want to pay a shipping price in order to receive one inexpensive item of baby clothing. But when the clothing is grouped into size lots, baby clothes are far more likely to sell.

Make Money on eBay With Girls’ Dresses

Dresses of all types are popular with buyers. When selling girls’ dresses on eBay, there are a few measurements that should be included in the item description. The length of the dress, either from the collar or from the shoulder, should be included in the listings. The length of the sleeves in long-sleeved dresses should be included as well. Some buyers also include the chest measurement of the dress and the measurement between the shoulders.

Sell Kids’ Clothes With Pictures

Any clothing sold on eBay should be listed with clear pictures. To sell kids’ clothing on eBay, there should be at least one clear photograph of a single item and at least two pictures of clothing lots. A picture of a single piece of clothing should include the full garment on a neutral background.

To stage a clothing photo for a single clothing item, there are several easy options:

  • Find a clean, neutral-colored area of floor, lay the garment flat and photograph the garment from above.
  • Hang the item on a doorknob or hook in front of a white door and sit on the floor to take the picture.
  • Set up a white or ivory sheet behind the garment to provide a large and even-colored background and place the garment on top of it.

For clothing lots, the eBay listing should include one photograph of the entire lot with each item of clothing visible. In addition, any items that have any special details should be photographed individually.

Selling on eBay

When selling on eBay, the title and description should contain the keywords that eBay buyers will be looking for. The title should contain the size, brand and color of the clothing as well as what item of clothing it is. Avoid descriptive words like “cute” and “bright” because they are not common search terms. Seasoned eBay buyers and sellers also use acronyms to better convey the condition of their items. Common acronyms and their meanings include:

NWT: New With Tags

NWOT: New Without Tags

NIP: New in Package

OOAK: One of a Kind

In the description, mention the condition of the clothing and any stains or other problems. Also include any information about shipping terms and prices.