Helpful hints for productive, cost effective selling on eBay. Learn how to turn the junk around your house into cash for whatever you many need!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Often times, when we have yard sales, our customers expect everything to be almost free. This is frustrating when you know that these items are worth much more. The very thing that you are wanting to toss away, someone three states away may need and be willing to pay a good amount for. If you can clear the junk out of your home and get some money in your pocket, it’s really a win-win situation! There are several tips and tricks of successful eBayers.

How to Sell on eBay
How to Sell on eBay

Look for Listing Specials

Yes, it does cost to sell items on eBay. When you figure in of all the pictures, the fancy descriptions, and Buy It Now charges, you may owe eBay a good amount of money every month. Many times, eBay will run specials. An example would be listing 100 items auction style for free per month or 50 Buy It Now option items for free. Taking advantage of these specials is much lighter on the wallet.

Find Value of Item Before Listing

The last thing you want is to cheat yourself out of money when an item is worth more than you list it for. The opposite may also be true. It is also possible to overprice an item that someone can get much cheaper from another seller. Type in the item’s description on eBay. Check out the average price. If it isn’t available on eBay, use a search engine look Google to check the value. Then pick a reasonable price for the item.

Describe Item Accurately as Possible

What people see in the picture you choose for eBay, is what they expect to arrive at their door. If selling a pair of shoes that have a scuff or two in them, let your customers know. Some may not mind minor imperfections, while others may see that as a deal breaker. If the customer receives the item and complains of it being drastically different from the description, you can be held liable for a complete refund.

Check eBay Inbox Frequently

When customers are browsing through eBay and they see something they like, questions may arise. Some may be leery about online purchases because they can’t see the item in person. If their messages are answered promptly, while they are still interested, a sell is likely to occur. Be courteous and professional, it will go a long way.

Be Reasonable with Shipping Keep in mind that a lava lamp is going to cost more money to ship than a post card. Not only is it heavy, but it would also require protective shipping supplies. Be sure to charge enough shipping to cover your supplies, actual cost of shipping, and time and travel to the post office. Do not take advantage of your buyers, also don’t sell yourself short.