The primary job of a database administrator (DBA) is database maintenance, which typically includes keeping the database operating at its optimal performance level. To do this the DBA could spend valuable time writing customized scripts to track and report key statistics about their systems. Then using the information extracted from the system, the DBA can attempt to pinpoint where the problems are occurring.

Third Party Database Monitoring Products

In an effort to save time the DBA might also consider purchasing one of the many database monitoring products developed and distributed by third party software companies. These types of products can be configured to automatically monitor and analyze the database. They are generally easy to install and can be set up to notify the DBA when potential problems are discovered.

Database monitoring tools are designed to measure several different performance metrics. However, the issue the tools most commonly focus on is the performance of the SQL statements. According to industry experts, 80% of all database problems can be attributed to poor SQL coding.

Automated database monitoring products can be used to identify the most frequently executed SQL statements. There are even products out there that are capable of tracking each and every SQL statement that occurs in the database. With the assistance of competent database monitoring tools, the DBA can determine which SQL statements and user functions are the most draining on the systems resources.