There are dozens of different information technology certificates and certifications that you can earn. Some information systems certificate programs are designed to train you to be an expert in a specific computer program or application, while others are designed to enhance your professional value by developing your skills in a specific area of information technology. One certificate that you can use to increase your IT skills, improve your competitive edge in the job market and to give you the credentials needed to qualify for promotions is an Information Systems Security Certificate.

Information Systems Security Certificate

The Information Systems Security Certificate is an undergraduate level certificate program that is designed to improve a business professional’s proficiency in assessing risk and safeguarding company information systems from internal and external threats. There are many schools that offer this certificate program online, however, not all Information Systems Security Certificate programs are created equal. Some only require that you complete four courses while others require you to take up to eight courses. It is important that you audit each certificate program before you sign up for it, as some programs will be more valuable than others.


As mentioned above, the curriculum for the Information Systems Security Certificate is going to vary depending on which online certificate program you select. However, you will want to select a program that covers information systems security, cryptology, information systems risk management and information systems networking. These are the basic subject areas that an Information Systems Security professional needs proficiency in to do their job well. Beyond these core courses you can also benefit from coursework in UNIX, basic computer and information processing systems and enterprise security.

Online Learning

Earning your Information Systems Security Certificate online is really very easy to do. To begin with you will need to find a program that is offered online, that has the curriculum that you want and that has a price that you can afford. Next you will sign up for the class and pay your tuition. Tuition is usually charged based on the number of credits that you take, however, some schools charge a flat rate for their certificate programs. After you sign up for your course you will either be shipped your textbooks and learning materials or you will be given a list of materials that you will need to buy. Most courses will require you to log in to an online classroom at least once a week for lecture notes, assignments and class discussions.

In order to pass an online course you will need to meet minimum performance guidelines. Usually this will include participating in classroom discussions via an online discussion board, handing in graded assignments and passing midterm and/or a final exam. Your grade will be calculated at the end of the term and you will either pass or fail. If you pass then you will be awarded an Information Systems Security Certificate. If you don’t pass then you may be given a discount if you want to take the course over again, but this is not a guaranteed option.