The number of people watching videos on the Internet is soaring. Owing to this, video marketing is on the rise and there are five key reasons why videos should play a significant role in your marketing plan for your online home business.

1. Video marketing is a very low cost marketing strategy.

It has reportedly been proven that a multimedia presentation style video converts much higher than a standard live video of a person talking to camera. This means that you don’t even need to own a video recorder to get started. All you will need is:

    Presentation Software – like Microsoft PowerPoint or similar
    Screen Recording Software – which you can buy from $20 upwards. Often you can get a free trial with these programs.
    Video Editing Software – for example, Windows Movie Maker or i-Movie, which you may discover you already own.
    And a Microphone.

Once you have these four components, you will then be able to make as many videos as you like. This makes video marketing extremely cost effective and it provides a good balance to your paid marketing campaigns.

2. Video Marketing Is Exploding Right Now

The reason for this is simple: Google loves video content, as do other search engines and social media platforms, which means that videos are far more likely to get a first page ranking than a text page. It is therefore much faster to get your content in front of your audience through video marketing.

Also, the majority of people would prefer to watch a quick video than read page after page of text. After all, most of us have short attention spans and limited time to take in information.

Overall, video marketing is more effective at getting your message across to your audience. It is the easiest marketing strategy to produce free traffic and free leads for your online home business.

3. Video Marketing Builds Your Personal Brand

Videos are a fantastic way to get your personality across to your audience. People will get to know, and hopefully, like you through your videos. This, in turn, enables you to build a rapport with them.

People buy from people, not from businesses, which is a reason why video marketing is one of the highest converting traffic sources.

4. Video content stays online forever – worth bearing in mind before you upload your video!

Once your video has been uploaded, it is effectively doing the hard work of marketing your online home business for you, 24/7 for years to come.The longer your video is online and the more views it gets, the higher your ranking will be. In this way, video marketing is a great way to leverage your time and efforts.

5. And Last, But By No Means Least, Video Marketing Is Fun!

To begin with, like any new skill you learn, creating a video can be extremely frustrating and it is natural that you will make mistakes. However, once you have mastered the basics, you will find that it’s a lot of fun!

The beauty of video marketing is that it not only benefits you and your business, but it also delivers value to others. Great videos inspire, motivate and help people. So, what are you waiting for?

Thank you for reading.