Twitter is a micro blogging platform that allows a limited number of characters per post, setting up your profile with a picture as well as a link to a website, then regularly provide updates on what is going on with you and your business. The best way to use twitter is to get followers who will be interested reading updates from your blog posts, so it is important to have as much information to post as possible. You can always outsource this activity so that you stay active and consistent.

Big brand name companies use twitter to keep in touch with existing customers and to make announcements about discounts, specials and or coupons, you could use the same technique for your prospects by getting them to come and look at your videos or blog posts.

The great thing about using such a highly traffic social media site is that you will constantly have those who want to follow you and there is a widget you can use to keep your blog visitors connected with your tweets. Using twitter is not just about how many followers you can find it has more to do with the relationships you build as well as the subscribers that you can get to your website.

Twitter is a tool that can be used to drive traffic, build a email list as well as get more traffic to your blog posts, the best part is that it is on 24/7 and is a universal media site that you can use as a free billboard to advertise and market  your products and services. You will definitely want to try and build a brand in your local area of Riverside County, the inland empire is growing and commercial businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to reach their customer base.

Once you learn how to utilize social media in your marketing plan the greater the potential of you getting your message out to the local internet users in the cities of Riverside, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, and Corona. You will find that most people in your local business district do not use the yellow pages to find products and services instead they are using the search engines. You can position your website to gain all the traffic that is coming on the web. How to do this will be dependent on learning how to use social media to your advantage, make sure you have a web presence and you post new, relevant and quality content on a daily basis. Consistancy is the key to business growth. Twitter and other social networking platforms allow you to do this at minimum costs.