Have you paid for the domain name and for website of your business then you should not waste the promotional opportunity.

You should make use of business by address and not some other’s domain’s email address. There are many business owners who are still using Yahoo, Gmail or other free e-mail service provider for their business communication. Such companies never get that much attention. By making use of your own e-mail address of your own name it can help you lot to improve your business. If you use business email address, you can build a good reputation for your company and website. It also looks professional. In today’s generation free email account is like having an office with file cabinets but no computers. This also creates your impression that either you are using a technology that is totally out of date.

Some of the common concerns about working with different email address. Lot of people is having free business by address email accounts of yours and you don’t want to miss all of their incoming emails. Solution to this problem is, you don’t have to miss anybody’s email then it is totally up to you because free email accounts can be kept as long as we want. You should send a mass email regarding the change of your email address. Once it is done then you should stop sending email from your free account.

Second point is you don’t want to remember the or check the inboxes of the different email accounts. Solution to this problem is you don’t have to check different inboxes. You can easily setup your email account to pull other mails to this mail box. It is very convenient that you can make use of email application like Outlook that brings all of your email to one mail box. But, to set up this kind of system, you are required to pay small amount of fees to some free email service providers.

Third point is you want to still use your free email account for personal utilization. Hosting company generally provides some free email accounts for some monthly fees. So, you should definitely create your personal business by address email account. This makes your friends and family to be aware about your business. This way you can also do mouth publicity for your business. Another advantage of creating personal email address with your business account is it can be easier to remember such addresses rather than remembering complicated addresses created with free accounts.