Marketing online is easy for some, harder for others. There are many ways to market online. If you own a business or run a website learning how to market well is part of making money. Web traffic is so imporant these days because there are so many websites online. You want people to come to your site before anyone elses. To do this you need to learn about ranking on the big search engines. This is part of the process but not the only way to increase web traffic. There are many tools online that teach how to market a site or a product online. Some are free while others have a cost. If you want to drive more traffic online investing some money might be worth the time. Email is another way that some people generate traffic, if you are looking for ways to learn more about web trafffic marketing then check out Web Traffic Marketing. The service is not free but it shares so many ways to increase traffic when being in the world of web.

Also I would like to mention that there are ways to market for free online and I want to share some of these sites with anyone taking the time to read this article.


Free site to use and is full of a lot of traffic online. I say if you own a business online or write online anything to do with needing internet traffic use this site. Be careful not to spam so this is one way you can market yourself online.

* Social Networking

This is one way to market as well. Sites like Myspace, and Facebook allow one to create a profile and make friends.  This can be used to market as well. I state that you also need to be careful not to spam though these sites are for social but can be used to share as well.

* Submit to the High Ranking Search Engines

This is a muct if you want traffic than submit your site or url to Google and Yahoo at least. There are many other sites but these are just a few. Submit for free and reap the benefits from it.

* Blogs

This helps with backlinks and will provide you some traffic as well. I reccomend starting out with blogger if you are new to blogging.

So in the end search and look for more ways to market online. Again check out Web Traffic Marketing, thanks for reading my article and feel free to leave comments.

This is a free site and allows people to place classified ads for free.