Step 1:  If you are a beginner, simply choose up to three marketing methods to test out.  In order to know what works for you and your marketing efforts, you have to run test campaigns in order to find which methods work best.

Step 2:  Spend up to an hour or two per marketing method.  A good example would be doing video marketing.  If this is one of your chosen routes, make your video content compelling, original, and focused on your brand (you).  In this industry of building your own business, the brand equity should revolve around you, your purpose, and what you are looking to do with your business.  Give it a name.  With articles, all the same.  Spend an hour or two shooting, editing, and producing your new content to post for your audience.  It is always said that “content is King/Queen”.  Live by that and plan out what your topic of discussion for each video will be.  If you choose to go with link exchange advertising on a revenue sharing site, all the better.  It is both monetized and a great way to generate traffic to your landing page.

Step 3:  Aside from the two examples I have given you, making a list of each and how much time you spend on developing them is very important.  This is what sets the “plan of action” through creating a map of marketing activity. 

Step 4:  Create your plan of action as a list of steps.  Depending on how many marketing vehicles you utilize, creating the list of steps is what helps you to map out the plan in a time-sensitive frame that will not only keep you organized, but it will get you results.  You may get up at 9:00 AM and go to town until 3:00 PM one day and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM another.  That kind of time frame is irrelevant if you don’t have to ship products.  What I mean by time-sensitive is acting on each step for one or two hours each.  So, say you market your business, product, or service through three different mediums.  At most you will be working on marketing your business for six hours.  That’s not too bad considering we have 24 hours in a day.  This will free up your time and you’re still putting action toward growing your business.