Almost all of us are capable of writing a book. After all, a book is just a collection of a few pages which may be completely academic or may contain a narrative of a real life story or something totally fictional. What matters is the way the story is narrated and how much you are capable of holding the reader’s attention until the suspense is finally over in the final pages of the book. Although you may be bursting with ideas to write a book, you may also feel totally lost as to how to go about it. By following a few simple steps, you can organize yourself and sit down to write the book that you have been yearning to do so. Let us find out how to write a book in a very easy way.

1. First of all ask yourself why writing the book is so important for you. Is it a vent to your innermost thoughts or is it because you want to present before people an idea which has appealed to you a lot and you have not been able to find a satisfactory write up on it. Or is it because you want some cheap popularity for being able to produce a book. It is this purpose for writing the book which will help you to complete the book without wavering from the main theme of the book. This will also give you the needed inspiration to write the book.
2. The next step consists of designing a particular plan for your writing. This plan depends on the type of book that you are writing. There will be different plans for writing a novel and a book for academic purposes. For writing novels, you have to think of a main plot, the sub plots, the main characters and the supporting characters. First, you have to build a rough outline of the story and then you need to weave in the other stories which are linked the main one. You also have to fix up a time table for writing the book. You have to find time everyday to devote to writing. Fix up a schedule and find out the approximate time it will take you to complete writing the book.
3. Now you can decide on the best way to write. You can either select a word processor or write in Google Docs. There is nothing wrong in using a word processor but Google Docs gives you the opportunity to let your editor also check what you are writing. By giving him access to the online document, you can keep on writing and he can keep on editing simultaneously.
4. Since you have made a plan, be disciplined enough to stick to it. Most writers start with a lot of enthusiasm but wander away in the middle of the book. Sometimes, events in life force you to stop writing. But try to think of your burning desire to complete the book and you will be able to achieve your goal. It helps you to keep on writing when your friends and family keep asking you about the progress of the book.
5. Now that your book is completed, you have to think of ways to publish and market it. There are many ways on the Internet which you can use to promote your book. By posting blogs and writing about it on Twitter and Facebook will help people to know about it. Try every form of advertisement that you can and your book will soon find its way into the hands of many readers.

Thus you can see that writing a book is not very difficult if you stay focused on the job and let your creativity do the writing.