Writing an article and marketing it is on the whole the method of using articles to give information and get good traffic to your blog or website. Moreover the articles need not be very long butshould be in the region of approximately 250 to 350 words.

By distributing articles you can attract visitors to your blog or website where the visitors may click on an ad or a link for any affiliate product enabling you to make money.

A lot of people are under the impression that the content they write for their blogs or sites and the content they write in articles should be the same. You only need to look at how you can write an effective article that will drive lots of traffic to your blog or site or get you a lot of back links to your site. So there are only some slight differences as to how the article should be created.

The problem with article marketing is that people tend to make it look harder than it is. If you can write out a ‘to-do’ list then definitely you can also write an article.   You do not even require being able to spell very well.