Repricing is a good opportunity for online shops to increase their sales. This usually produces good and above all effective results. This is also the perfect way for small and medium-sized companies to increase their sales. This is also very simple and problem-free. Especially in already financially difficult times, it is possible to increase revenues despite lower sales, because the prices are adjusted to the general market. So you can see immediately what the competition demands. Price optimization is therefore a good way to increase the revenue in an online shop.

What does price optimization actually mean?

 price optimization
What does price optimization actually mean?

The term price optimization refers to many different procedures that are used to determine prices. Systematic and continuous fluctuations in the prices of a supplier’s offer are adjusted in such a way that they are intended to improve and thus increase the purchasing behaviour of the customers. The purpose of price optimization is always to increase the yield. Many retailers and manufacturers use the principle of price optimization and it is an important part of assortment management here. Since this system has become more and more complex over time and also due to the increasing popularity of online shops, special software programs are usually used today. These perform this task independently and without problems.

An example for price optimization

The model of price optimization can be explained very well using the example of a hotel room. Of course, demand also determines the price here. For example, a hotel can often charge significantly higher prices for a room in the high season than in the low season, because the room is less in demand. But the aim of the hotel is always to achieve the highest possible occupancy rate. So the prices should always correspond to the current situation. Thus, an optimal price results if the hotel can achieve the highest possible occupancy rate and thus the highest possible profit.

How can brainbi help your online shop
brainbi is, as the name suggests, a full service online marketing agency. Our task is to help your online shop to improve its turnover. For this we use the system of price optimization or also called Repricing. With the help of the software developed by brainbi, we first check whether your online shop is the cheapest in current price comparisons. Individual products are checked exactly. Afterwards you will receive exact information about which of your products are too expensive or maybe too cheap. This gives you the perfect chance to adjust your prices to the current market and to play at the top of the game. After this first check it is up to you to adjust your prices. After all, you can sell more of a product and your turnover can be greatly improved. With every product sold you can make more profit.

If the direct price war should be avoided
Even if you want to avoid a direct price war with your company, brainbi offers you a good and optimally tailored solution for your company. With this very affordable solution, your products can be easily exported to the current price portals. This solution is also ideal for companies that are just about to rebuild their online shop or want to sell via a second label.

The solution from brainbi
The solution that brainbi offers you to redesign your online shop is quite simple. In this case, brainbi will gladly take over the task for you and set up your online shop. Of course, brainbi will also take care of the marketing in this case. So you have absolutely no work and can devote yourself to your other obligations. Nevertheless, brainbi guarantees you absolute transparency. So you can always bring in special wishes. We work here entirely according to your personal specifications. Due to the perfect organisation of brainbi, you benefit in this case from a very well equipped online shop and the current price optimisation of your products. Due to the well organized marketing you can count on many more customers and your sales can be increased significantly.

Who is brainbi actually
The performance marketing agency brainbi is based in Munich. Behind it all is a young and innovative company that responds perfectly to the needs of its customers. Customer wishes are the top priority here. brainbi offers you a very large business area, which enables you to have an online shop created, to place internet advertising and of course also includes price optimization. Through the cooperation of many very good specialists, brainbi clearly stands out from other providers. Since 2008, the company has managed to hold its own in the highly competitive market. Individual projects are handled just as well and effectively here as online shops or large companies. The growing turnover will convince you of brainbi services. All solutions are developed to meet the individual needs of the customers. As a customer of brainbi, you benefit from many different advantages.

Which advantages your online shop benefits from
With the price optimization, your online shop will not only greatly improve its turnover, but also benefit from further advantages. You have no work, F