When it comes to business, customers or guests are everything because they’re the ones who will give you sales purchasing. This is why it’s important to keep your clients happy so that they can continue to do business with you and also refer other clients. One way of marketing is to  create a business to client relationship. Most industry know this method already. You would see casino employee asking you to get a reward card. Well, that’s a business to client relationship to keep you coming back to their business to spend and remember them. When you have their card, you’re most likely to come back for free hotel, dinners and other prices. You can get a lot of discount on things here. When you go home they will also follow up and send you monthly letters about new games and clubs and give you a discount coupon to come back. This is a good way to keep in contact with consumers.

A good marketer would know all the variables to good marketing and how to bring in more customers and keep them there. This is why having a good service is vital. Customers have answered that service come first when it comes to buying a product. They won’t buy your product if you don’t offer good service to them. We all know this to be true. I’m sure we all have one of those day that an employee piss us off and we decide to never go back to that business again. This is the rule of thumb and that is to serve your guests well.

Another secret of good marketing is to create trust, confidence, and convenient for your customers. People will buy your car if they trust that it is good quality and that it won’t break down on the road within the first week of purchase. They will buy from you if they have confidence that you will do business with them in a professional manner and that you won’t cheat them and your products is high quality. You have to be sure that what you advertise is what you sell. Some advertising inflate the product and that will disappoint the customers. Once they find out that it’s just a lie they won’t come back. You can get them for the first time but not the second time.

Good marketing happens when you made your sale because after that you know they will come back and refer other customers. You want to implement the referral and coming back mode with your marketing. Word of mouth is a good form of marketing too. People will refer or not refer  to be careful about your current customers. You would also want to make your business as convenient and as easy for your customers as possible. They won’t drive an hour to buy your products and therefore you should have more locations or have an online store where everyone can buy from the convenient of their own home.

You have to analyze if your marketing will bring you success. If you don’t evaluate how will you know if you’ve hit the target or miss it. You would need to be patient with your strategy as nothing is over night.