There are over 500,000 free ebooks available as part of the Google Book Search service. These are books that are out of copyright or in the public domain that have been digitally scanned by Google. These free ebooks are available on the Google Book Search website.

In addition to offering free, out of copyright and in the public domain ebooks, Google Book Search also offers a snapshot of information about the majority of other books. So, with over 7 million books available as part on the Google Book Search website how does a user find the free ebooks?

How to Find Free Ebooks on Google Book Search

There are two types of free ebook available on Google Book Search. The first type of book is where the book is no longer in copyright and is in the public domain. This forms the vast majority of free ebooks available on the Google Book Search service. These are books that were typically published before 1923. The second type of book is one where the author and publisher have decided to allow the whole book to be available for free download.

To find free ebooks on Google Book Search a user needs to do the following simple steps:

  1. Click the Advanced Book Search option
  2. Decide what search term is to be used, for instance author, title or key word
  3. Against the Search option, click the Full View button
  4. Complete the rest of the search options as required

This will return a list of all ebooks where the entire content is available for free download. This will exclude any books that are in copyright or where there is a charge for downloading.

Types of Free Ebook From Google Book Search

There are a wide number of titles available on Google Book Search. These range from classic cookery books through to the works of Charles Dickens. There are, however, some notable exceptions. Agatha Christie’s classic novels, for instance, are not available for free download.

Reading Free Ebooks From Google Book Search

Free ebooks from Google Book Search are in pdf format and can be read on a variety of reading devices. The books are easy to read using a laptop or desktop computer. They can also be downloaded onto devices such as the Sony Reader.


The conditions of copyright vary from country to country and as such people should always satisfy themselves of the legality of downloading out of copyright ebooks.

Free ebooks, such as those offered through the Google Book Search service offer readers the opportunity to experience a range of books. Some of these are old favorites while others may be new treasures just waiting to be uncovered.